About the Shattuck Group

An Exclusive Focus on Mid-Size Service Firms



Our ideal client is a successful medium-sized professional services firm that knows it has not achieved its full potential.  As much as they have done well, company leaders are hungry to grow and reach their next level.  Specifically, they want to increase market share, acquire new clients, increase revenue and profits, generate leads, build a strong brand, differentiate from competitors, and create demand that positions them to pick only the most desirable deals with only preferred clients.  

Our ideal clients have often reached a plateau that they cannot seem to break through.  They are profitable and stable.  They have been in business for 5 years or more.  They are a hidden gem in their market.  They are very good at what they do, but they are usually not the best known firm in their industry. 


Our clients come from a multitude of different industries including:

  • Technology consulting  
  • Financial services – particularly RIAs
  • CPA and accounting 
  • Law firms 
  • Business consulting and management consulting 
  • Software-as-a-Service  
  • Coaching 
  • Engineering
  • Architecture 

Firms from all these industries share a few common characteristics and challenges.  When services are your primary offering to your market, you sell intangibles.  This means service buyers must place a high degree of trust in the service provider before they sign a deal.  Most of our clients need to manage complex sales where multiple decision-makers and decision-influencers are involved. 

Our Ideal Clients’ Top 5 Goals

  1. Grow topline revenue and bottom line profits of the company.  Specifically, many of our ideal clients have set a goal of at least doubling their revenue within a defined time period.
  2. Acquire ideal new clients on a consistent basis.
  3. Build sales and marketing processes that repeatedly produce desirable outcomes.  They want to know that they can pull certain levers and achieve certain results with confidence.
  4. Build a business that runs independent of the leaders.  This allows for the greatest valuation and ease of transition should they choose to transfer equity to someone else.
  5. Achieve their full potential as an entrepreneur – grow a business that they are proud of, that produces economic benefit and that causes them to feel like a success. 

Our Ideal Clients’ Top 5 Opportunities

  1. There are far more clients out there today that they could be serving. 
  2. They have built a strong reputation as a respected service provider, but they have not yet leveraged that reputation in the best way possible to achieve their growth goals.
  3. They have not yet deployed cutting edge sales and marketing technologies.
  4. They need to make the transition to digital marketing.
  5. They could improve the sales function if they systematized the consultative sale.

Our Ideal Clients’ Top 5 Challenges

  1. Not enough hours in the day to get everything done and not enough talent in their organization to get things done at a high level.
  2. They have not fully defined their ideal client or positioned for the greatest client impact.
  3. Not enough budget to fund everything they’d like to do, which forces them to prioritize initiatives most likely to impact growth.  It’s hard to know which initiatives will accomplish this. 
  4. Certain initiatives and projects that were supposed to grow the company have failed.  This has left them with a lack of confidence that their current approach will work.
  5. They are often uncertain about what steps to take to achieve their goals.  They have ideas, but they don’t know if the ideas will work the way they want. 

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