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At The Shattuck Group, we define a value proposition as “the reason or set of reasons that an ideal client buys services.”  Our value proposition, the reason that ideal clients buy our services, usually includes a few key reasons.

First, we have an uncontestable history of success.  How so?

  • Acclaim Technology grew for 10 to over 120 million in revenue.
  • AVCOM grew from 40 million to over 400 million in revenue.
  • Steelhead Data grew from under 1 million to nearly 10 million.
  • CEG Worldwide grew a coaching program by over 1000%.

We often say that the greatest indicator of future success is past success.  However, the past is the past.  Just because certain strategies and tactics worked for one firm, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work for another firm.  This leads to another very important reason clients choose us.

Second, we remain on the cutting edge and bring our clients insights about how to take advantage of the lessons we’ve learned, particularly in the age of digital.  This allows our clients to cut past trial and error learning and focus on those practices and strategies that produce meaningful revenue and EBITDA.  

We call this accelerating your success.  Most successful mid-size professional service firms will grow.  That’s not in question.  What is in question is how long it will take and how many opportunities you will miss along the way?  Our approach to sales, marketing and entrepreneurship gets you to your goals faster, more cost effectively and with a much higher degree of certainty. 

Third, our clients love the way we customize our service packages to their needs.  No two clients get exactly the same approach.  Every client we serve is unique.  So we deliver a consultative process to ensure that our recommendations are tailored to each client’s specific goals. 

A history of success; acceleration toward your goals; a consultative approach.   If these are attractive to you, then fill out the form below to get the conversation started. 

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