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At The Shattuck Group, we empower mid-size professional service firms to grow.  We do this by attracting ideal organic clients and delivering an experience that makes them say – wow.  That wow experience comes from deeply understanding what ideal clients want to achieve and aligning marketing, sales and delivery teams around a meaningful promise that prospects cannot resist. 

When marketing, sales and delivery teams make a promise that matters to ideal organic prospects, you cannot help but grow.  But it’s not enough to simply make the promise.  You also have to deliver.  This is why you cannot have marketing material saying one thing, sales teams saying something different and delivery teams delivering something else entirely.  That won’t work.

When marketing, sales and delivery teams seamlessly operate, when the inbound journey is completely smooth from first point of contact to first invoice, then client delight will be your reward.  Delighted clients refer other clients.  But even that can be a trap.

Most mid-size service firms who have already achieved some level of success know that there are thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands, of potential ideal clients out there that they could be serving.  But they’re not.  Why? 

The world that today’s service leader grew up in is not the world of today’s professional service buyer.  This is new territory, a new age.  This is the era of digital and in the digital age, the buyer is empowered.  They do their own research online.  They look at your people, your ideas, your service offerings, your testimonials and nearly anything else you can think of – all online. 

Then they choose who to engage with.  That’s how business works in the age of digital. 

By comparison, most service leaders came of age at a time when referrals were the primary source of new client acquisition.  Do referrals still work?  Yes.  But the problem is that you don’t control the referral engine.  Referrals are people doing you a favor.  Do you really want to entrust the growth and future of your business to someone doing you a favor? 

There is a much better way and it allows you to take control of your growth.  Digital sales and marketing strategies work.  They pull ideal organic prospects from the digital ecosystem into the consultative sale.  When we say ideal “organic” prospects, we mean prospects who:

  • Are a great fit for your firm with need, budget, timeline and a reason to act.
  • Are not doing business with you today.
  • Are not a referral from an existing client.
  • Probably knew nothing about your firm and had no reason to say yes to you before they started their inbound journey. 

At The Shattuck Group, we believe that most successful mid-size professional service firms have only begun to tap their potential.  We believe that your instincts are right.  There are thousands of ideal organic prospects out there and that you can and should be serving them.  We believe that when you get in front of them and tell them the right story, they will not be able to resist you. 

This is exactly what we help our clients do every day.  Are you ready to get started? 

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