Action Guides

Video-based tools for mid-size service firms to accomplish their biggest goals.



Over the last few years, several entrepreneurs have come to us with the specific goal of at least doubling revenues and sometimes tripling profits.  Does that sound like you?  Is that what you would like to accomplish?  Do you believe that your organization could at least double your revenues?  We’ll bet your right.  Why do we say this?  Because we’ve helped firms just like yours accomplish this big goal. 

7 Steps to a Website that drives Services Revenue

How service firms should optimize their web presence for revenue creation

Can your website help you acquire organic new clients? Yes. But the way you are using your website today won’t work. Online brochures, website that are primarily about a service company, are dead. They’re not effective in the digital age. What does work? The digital ecosystem contains thousands of great prospects who are ideal for your company. But to pull them into a business relationship, you have to build the right model. You have to give them a reason to make the in-bound journey. This Action Guide shows you exactly how to do this, step-by-step, across 7 videos and downloadable tools.

7 Steps To A Content Marketing Program That Consistently Yields Ideal Clients

Content marketing is supposedly the pill to cure all ills for professional service firms – right? Then why is it, in a survey from MarketingProfs, that 62% of marketing leaders ranked their content marketing efforts as mediocre instead of outstanding? If you’re from a small, medium-sized or even a large professional service firm and you’re struggling with content marketing – this Action Guide will help you tremendously. Across these 7 steps, Randy Shattuck will show you how to create content that your prospective ideal client simply cannot resist. Not only will they consume your content, they will lean in to your company and deeply desire your services. This Action Guide shows you, step-by-step, how to use Content Marketing to consistently acquire great new clients.

7 Steps To A Lead Nurturing Program That Keeps You In Front Of Prospects

Lead nurturing, for professional service firms, is akin to planting and tending to crops so you can one day reap a harvest. But instead of planting seeds, we plant ideas. We create buy-in to our approach to doing things and addressing the top goals, opportunities and challenges of our prospective ideal clients. Many professional services firms look for short-cuts and the latest fad, focusing on tricks instead of what really works and doing it day after day. This Action Guide is designed for service leaders who want to nurture potential buyers consistently over time so when they enter a buying cycle, they think of you first. Now that’s powerful.