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Our best ideas for mid-size service firm leaders to go to their next level

Ten Strategies For Mid-Size Service Firms To Acquire New Ideal Clients On LinkedIn


If you are the leader of a mid-size service firm and you want to uncover the best practices for acquiring new ideal clients on LinkedIn, you need this ebook.  Across these ten strategies, Randy Shattuck, founder of The Shattuck Group, shares insights that will help you turn a network into a client-acquisition machine.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out exactly what you should be doing on LinkedIn and why you should bother, this ebook will give you clarity, direction and a set of simple steps you can begin to take right away.

LinkedIn Clients eBook Cover

Ten Things service websites must do to drive revenue

This is how you acquire organic new clients

The number one goal of small to medium sized professional service firms is the acquisition of new organic clients. By “organic” we mean: prospects have no prior knowledge of your firm, they have no inclination to say yes to you before they start their journey and they are a great fit your company.

Most service firm leaders believe that there are thousands of great prospects out there that they have not yet connected with. But they’re not sure what role their website plays in persuading prospects that they are the right service provider. This 52-page E-Book gives you deep insights into the ten things your service-based website must do to acquire new organic clients.

Website Revenue Ebook Cover

Ten Reasons Service Firms Need Marketing Automation Now

How This Technology Radically Improves Your Marketing Enterprise

This 36 page e-book gives you deep insights into why professional service firms are using marketing automation today and how this might benefit you and your company. If you’ve been thinking about marketing automation but are not sure why you should do it… You need this e-book.

This is not a sales pitch. The e-book gives you a candid behind-the-scenes look at why small-to-medium-sized professional service and B2B firms adopt this technology. It shows you how they go from struggling to manage their marketing enterprise with disparate tools to becoming a hero in their organization.

Marketing Automation Ebook Cover