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Ten Reasons Service Firms Need Marketing Automation Now

How This Technology Radically Improves Your Marketing Enterprise

This 36 page e-book gives you deep insights into why professional service firms are using marketing automation today and how this might benefit you and your company. If you’ve been thinking about marketing automation but are not sure why you should do it… You need this e-book.

This is not a sales pitch. The e-book gives you a candid behind-the-scenes look at why small-to-medium-sized professional service and B2B firms adopt this technology. It shows you how they go from struggling to manage their marketing enterprise with disparate tools to becoming a hero in their organization. What are the ten reasons?

Reason 1: You Need Lead Scoring To See Who The Hot Leads Are In Your Sales Funnel 
Reason 2: You Need To Align Your Sales & Marketing Functions Around The Sales Funnel 
Reason 3: You Need To Make It Easy On Sales People 
Reason 4: You Need To Maximize Your Human Resources 
Reason 5: You Need To See How Your Entire Marketing Enterprise Is Performing 
Reason 6: You Need To Understand The Path Leads Take To Become Your Clients 
Reason 7: You Need To Automate Leaning-In Behavior 
Reason 8: You Need Powerful & Accurate Marketing Reports You Can Be Confident In 
Reason 9: You Need Deep & Reliable Analytics For Email Marketing 
Reason 10: You Need To Become A Learning Organization

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