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When the sales marketing functions at professional service firms are not aligned, the business suffers. Sales teams complain that marketing doesn’t generate enough leads or that the leads are junk. Marketing leaders are frustrated that the sales function won’t follow up on the leads they’ve generated. But the big loser is the business.

These are telltale signs of misalignment:

  • Revenue outcomes falling below goals.
  • Inconsistent acquisition of new clients.
  • Sales cycles that are long, slow and difficult.
  • Lots of leads entering the top of the sales funnel, but very few converting to clients.
  • Downward pressure on fees due to uncertainty about the value of services.

If this sounds like your organization, then this webinar is for you. In under 30 minutes, Randy Shattuck will show you how to create such tight alignment between your sales and marketing functions that you will consistently acquire the right new clients and increase revenues substantially. You will also reduce or eliminate friction between these two important functions. And they will become a finely tuned machine that performs incredibly well, delivering delight to clients, senior executives and stakeholders.

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