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Content marketing is supposedly the pill to cure all ills for professional service firms. But why is it that 62% of marketers rank their content marketing efforts as mediocre and not outstanding, according to a study by MarketingProfs? There have never been more opportunities for professional service firms to connect with prospective clients. YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are popular social media tools. Case studies, blog-posts, infographics and articles clamor for attention. White papers, guidebooks and webinars are still viable.

Where does a professional service firm turn to understand how they can apply resources to achieve the goal of new client acquisition? Join Randy Shattuck, founder of The Shattuck Group, as he outlines a simple 7-step process that actually works. The Shattuck Group has used this methodology for years to acquire new clients. We’ve also deployed this success formula for our clients who have reaped tremendous benefits. If you want content marketing to produce ideal new clients for your professional service firm, you cannot afford to miss this webinar.