Pricing for mid-size service firms

Strategic services to accelerate your growth

How our pricing works

A long-term view with short-term and clearly-defined deliverables

We provide game-changing service packages at rates that most successful mid-size service firms can afford monthly. Our vision is always to be your long-term partner.  That’s why we build the right plan to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future through a consultative process. 

The Silver Package is designed for organizations who want to deploy modern digital marketing strategies to position for long-term growth.  The Silver Package also includes strategies to impact short-term revenue goals by way of social selling, consultative selling and entrepreneurship.    

Silver Package - $10,000 USD per month


  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101 – to help your leaders think & act like business owners
  • SOCIAL SELLING – to grow your revenues and profits
  • CONSULTATIVE SELLING – to achieve a 100% close rate on complex deals
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY – to define the right digital marketing stack for your firm
  • POSITIONING – to get clarity about your ideal client
  • CONTENT MARKETING – to pull prospects toward your people and ideas
  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – to engage ideal organic prospects
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION – to generate leads & track behavior scores
  • SALESFORCE INTEGRATION – or equivalent CRM (software fees excluded)
  • EMAIL MARKETING – to consistently provision your content
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT – to roll out a new website

What can you expect:

  • Your leaders will begin to see how their role impacts the larger enterprise and strategic goals you’ve set
  • You will engage with organic prospects through social selling
  • You will develop a consistent and effective approach to winning complex deals
  • You will experience the power of a data-driven sales & marketing strategy
  • You will generate a steady stream of ideal prospects who are leaning in
  • You will showcase the thought leadership of your top people
  • You will see the behavior scores of prospects in your CRM
  • You will pull ideal prospects from social media properties
  • You will unite sales and marketing teams around a common process
  • You will have consistent presence in front of your market

What does an engagement look like:

We begin engagements with new clients by way of a no-obligation initial consultation.  This is not a sales call.  This is an exploratory conversation to see if we are the right fit to help you achieve your goals.  Out of this call, we will make recommendations for next steps.