What Is This Service?

Our Marketing Automation service empowers mid-size professional service firms to realize the full impact of these powerful platforms with none of the hassles or delays.  We help you realize an ROI quickly.  Marketing automation is a game-changing technology that we deploy and manage on behalf of our clients.  If you don’t have marketing automation, you need it.  Period.

At The Shattuck Group, we believe marketing automation is essential.  Service organizations who are not using marketing automation today will not compete or survive in the coming decade.  That’s how important this technology is to your future.  Marketing automation is the foundation of your sales and marketing enterprise and the glue that holds these two together. 



What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a name used to describe cloud-based applications that bring together, under one roof, a set of features and functions used by sales and marketing teams every day.  Marketing automation is used to:

  • Track and score the entire spectrum of digital behavior for people in your database.
  • Alert sales people about leads who are leaning in.
  • Make visible people who were formerly invisible to your sales and marketing teams.
  • Broadcast and track emails.
  • Broadcast and track social media content and profiles.
  • Provision registration pages and forms for content assets.
  • Segment lists and analyze audience responses.
  • Build, deploy and track drip marketing campaigns from one system.
  • Develop reports on all of this activity so you can repeat successes and avoid failures. 
  • Provide uncontestable data analytics that demonstrate the results of your campaigns.

Why Should You Deploy Marketing Automation?

First, most service-based organizations today are using Content Marketing to put their people, brand and ideas on display.  But without marketing automation to track everything for you, it’s hard to know what kind of ROI you are getting on all that content: blogs, webinars, ebooks, white papers, videos and other assets.  If your top people put time and money into building content assets, you want to know what kind of return you are seeing.  Marketing automation gives you that ROI analysis.

Second, to deliver the Consultative Sale to inbound prospects, it really helps to understand what they are interested in and why they are looking at your firm.  It helps to know which services, personal profiles and content they’ve looked at on your website.  This gives your sales team a real advantage when the time comes for a conversation.  Marketing automation allows you to intuit a prospect’s motives just by examining their digital footprint. 

Third, Social Media Marketing is now critical to service-based organizations.  Many service firms are starting to see their best new clients come from channels like LinkedIn and Twitter.  But without marketing automation tracking those people, they might remain invisible to you and your sales teams.  It’s also incredibly helpful to sales people to have social media clicks integrated into one behavior window that shows website pageviews, email clicks, registrations, downloads and other behavior.  Marketing automation delivers that integrated view.

Fourth, Digital Strategy now includes a number of different channels including your website, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.  But eventually everything needs to be made really simple and fast for sales people.  They need marketing automation systems to serve up real prospects on a silver platter in your CRM.  This creates velocity in your sales funnel.  The best marketing automation tools integrate seamlessly into your CRM. 

Fifth, we believe it is critical to become a learning organization, where you know empirically and from hard data what works and what does not work.  Marketing automation gives you this data and empowers you to become a learning organization. 

Challenges With Marketing Automation

Even though marketing automation is essential for service firms, these platforms come with a lot of challenges.  They are difficult and complicated to integrate.  You need a PhD in marketing technology to use them to their full potential.  There are dozens of marketing automation providers on the market today and more coming all the time.  Figuring out which feature sets are useful for service organizations can be very challenging because it all looks so good.  The platforms can also be rather pricey.

Our Marketing Automation solution effectively addresses all these challenges.  We show you which marketing automation platforms are best for service organizations.  We know how to deploy these complex systems quickly and efficiently.  We know how to integrate them into CRM’s, content management systems that run websites, landing and registration pages and social media managers.  We negotiate to help you get the best price.  We manage the headaches.  You get the benefits.

Who Needs This Service?

Professional service firms who:

  • Do not have this technology today.
  • Need to give their sales people an edge by integrating behavior scores of inbound prospects into the CRM. 
  • Have been thinking about deploying marketing automation but don’t know where to start.
  • Have an interest in marketing automation but find the whole exercise completely overwhelming.
  • Want to unite their sales and marketing functions around a common platform.
  • Want to grow their pipelines through an intelligent and data-driven approach.
  • Need to integrate content marketing, email marketing, social media and website tracking into one system.

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