What Is This Service?

Our Email Marketing service empowers mid-size professional service firms to leverage email campaigns for business gain.  Email marketing is an essential component in a modern digital marketing strategy.  For most service-based organizations, email is still the single most important brand awareness and brand engagement strategy in their arsenal.  A strong email marketing program produces a strong service firm. 

Our approach to email marketing gives you high inbox placement, solid open rates and consistent click-throughs, all within the compliance requirements of the law.  We help you build a successful email program that does not annoy your prospects and instead pulls them into sales dialogue.

We make email marketing a core part of a marketing automation deployment.  Email marketing apart from marketing automation is not a good idea.  Stand-alone email tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ExactTarget and others are satisfactory if all you need is email.  But our clients want more – a lot more. 

Our strategy integrates email marketing with content marketing, social media and your website.  We know how to make all these elements work together to produce a dynamic and powerful digital ecosystem. 



Challenges With Email Marketing

As powerful as email marketing can be, it also is fraught with many challenges:

  • Inbox placement is more difficult today than in the past because of spam filtering technologies. Most IT people have more incentive to block your email than to let it pass their network edge.
  • If you use email marketing the wrong way, it can damage your brand and personal reputation.
  • If you buy a list and start blasting email to it, it is highly likely that your domain name, IP address and other parts of your brand infrastructure will be black-listed, making it nearly impossible to send email to your clients.    
  • CANSPAM regulation is real and requires compliance.  Failure to do so can result in fines.
  • Successful email campaigns require more technology today than ever before, especially for email from third-party systems, such as marketing automation or stand-alone email tools. 
  • Given the volume of email that people receive today, it’s harder than ever to get mindshare with busy decision-makers.  Open rates are low and click-throughs can be even lower.
  • How you use email says a lot about your firm, how ethical you are and how trustworthy.  Sometimes, the most important message you send is not what is said IN your email but how you conduct yourself ON email. 
  • It can be difficult to know how many emails a month to send.  Send too few and you miss opportunities.  Send too many and people opt-out.

Our Email Marketing solution effectively addresses all these challenges.  We build and deploy email campaigns that give you consistent presence with ideal prospects.  Our approach is completely compliant with CAMSPAM laws and protects your reputation and technology infrastructure. 

Best of all, our email strategy fully integrates with marketing automation so you get visibility into the entire digital footprint of all your users: email sends, opens and clicks; social media likes, shares and views; website page tracking; content registrations and downloads.  Now that’s powerful.

Who Needs This Service?

Professional service firms who:

  • Are using stand-alone email tools today and want a better solution. 
  • Have not leveraged the full power of email marketing and don’t really understand how to do this.
  • Want an email marketing program that is consistent, effective and measurable.
  • Need to integrate email data into a complete view of prospect behavior.
  • Desire to avoid the dangers of email marketing while still realizing the benefits.
  • Plan to promote their content marketing assets via email and want to track user behavior all the way through – from send to open to click to pageview to registration to download.

To learn more about how we deliver this service, please click on Our Approach above.