What Is This Service?

Our Positioning service empowers mid-size professional service firms to develop a clear profile of who they want to serve, why they are best-suited to serve them and how to differentiate from competitors.  This service produces a much stronger story that you can tell your marketplace and prospects.  That means an ever-increasing number of ideal prospects will lean in to your firm, deeply desire what you can deliver and be willing to pay a premium for your services. 

Positioning is the foundation of nearly everything we do at The Shattuck Group.  When you get your Positioning right, ideal prospects cannot resist you – they simply can’t.  Your messages will accelerate prospects through your sales funnel, increase confidence and trust in your brand and nearly eliminate their desire or openness for alternative solutions.  This is the power of effective Positioning. 

Our Positioning service culminates in your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) that includes both demographics and psychographics.  Demographics describe external characteristics of who you are best suited to serve, such as age, education, title and other factors. 



Psychographics delve much more deeply into the motives of your ideal client, why they make certain decisions, including why they engage with a firm like yours.  We build a clear list of their top goals, opportunities and challenges so you can focus on exactly what motivates them. 

When you have a clear picture of your ICP, and have unity and buy-in among your stakeholders about the ICP, you put yourself in the best possible position to grow.  Why?  Because growing professional service firms is all about creating alignment between marketing, sales and delivery teams.  When you get alignment between these three functions about who you want to serve, how you impact them and why they value your outcomes – you cannot help but grow.  It’s going to happen. 

Positioning Challenges

Most professional service organizations struggle with positioning their brand and offerings at some level.  Here are some challenges you might have experienced:

  • You know that there are potentially thousands more clients out there that you could be serving, but you don’t know who they are, how to get in front of them or how to cause them to look your way. 
  • Your marketplace sees almost no difference between you and your competitors.  To prospective clients, you look just like everyone else.   You know you’re better than the competition.  But the marketplace doesn’t understand this. 
  • Prospects are referred to you and start to lean in to your firm, but then they disengage and you can’t seem to understand why this happens. 
  • The services you offer are complex and cannot be described in a few simple sentences.  For prospects to get the value you deliver, you must explain how your unique approach produces desirable outcomes for them.  But they won’t give you time to do that. 
  • You struggle to tell your firm’s story simply and succinctly in a way that resonates with prospects, causing them to want more.
  • You struggle to describe the impact you have on clients in language that is meaningful to prospects, language that they quickly and easily grasp.
  • You struggle to get the kind of rates and profit-per-deal that you want because prospects do not really get the value of what you do for them.  They are always trying to negotiate your fees.

The root problem of all these issues is Positioning, not having clarity about who you serve, what they care about, why they buy your services and what motivates them to spend money.  Our Positioning service fixes this problem and greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll pull great new prospective clients into dialogue and then they’ll buy your services. 

Who Needs This Service?

Professional service firms who:

  • Struggle to tell a simple and clear story about who they are and what they do in a way that compels forward movement in the sales funnel.
  • Face tough competition and need to differentiate their brand.
  • Deliver complex services that require in-depth explanations to understand.
  • Want to move up-market and serve a higher-end clientele.
  • Need to increase win rates and profit-per-deal. 

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